EPS Polystyrene beads for filling Poufs, Beanbags, Ottomans, Floor Cushions, Floor Pillows. 10mm (0.4") diameter beads for home and office use. Sold by Truckload only. Packaged in 50CF bags into 52 foot freight truck, Shipping and Handling additional.
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Polystyrene EPS Beads, 10mm Puffs to fill furniture Beanbags, Poufs, Ottomans, Floor Cushion, Floor Pillow. Sold by Truckload only.

EPS polystyrene beads are 10mm (0.4″) diameter for filling furniture Poufs, Beanbags, Ottomans, Floor Cushions, Floor Pillows.

Polystyrene EPS ore often called puffed beads and are used to fill Poufs, Beanbags, Ottomans, Floor Cushions and Floor Pillows. The Puff Beads are produced with an average 10mm (0.4") bead diameter, which is quite useful in furniture seating products. The EPS Beads are packaged in a 50 CF plastic bag, and the bags are loaded onto a 52 foot freight truck, sold by the truckload. EPS Polystyrene beads are also used in concrete applications. Beanbag beads have been around since the 1960s, when bean bags were first introduced. Beanbags are still in fashion! These brand-new beads do not include any recycled material. The beads are small and round in structure, perfect for providing the right amount of firmness in beanbags, ottomans, floor cushions and floor pillows, providing pliability for seating comfort. Our Polystyrene Beanbag beads are white or off-white material, perfect for filling beanbags, ottomans, poufs, floor cushions and floor pillow products. Puff beads are provided by the truckload in light weight, 50 cubic foot bags for easy handling at your manufacturing site. Payment terms are Wire only and minimum order is one truckload. Shipping is direct to your dock and shipping costs are based on freight costs from our ship dock to your receiving dock. Your staff unload the bags of polystyrene EPS beads, which are in 50 cubic foot plastic bags.

حبات البوليسترين EPS والشحن وأي رسوم مناولة الشحن يتم دفعها مسبقًا عن طريق الأسلاك. حبات كيس القماش المصنوعة من البوليسترين خالية من مركبات الكربون الكلورية فلورية وتفي بمتطلبات RoHS (تقييد المواد الخطرة) الجديدة. تباع بواسطة حمولة الشاحنة. الشحن مباشر إلى رصيفك وتكاليف الشحن تعتمد على تكاليف الشحن إلى موقع الرصيف الخاص بك. الشحن وأي رسوم مناولة الشحن مدفوعة مسبقًا. الضرائب هي مسؤولية العميل ، وفقًا لكل ولاية ، وستتم إضافتها إلى الطلب. حبات البوليسترين EPS الخاصة بنا خالية من مركبات الكربون الكلورية فلورية وتفي بمتطلبات RoHS (تقييد المواد الخطرة) الجديدة.

قطر 10 مم (0.4 بوصة) ، حوالي 50 قدم مكعب من خرز البوليسترين EPS لكل كيس ، الشحن والضرائب إضافية. 1 حمولة شاحنة كحد أدنى ، حسب الطلب ، مهلة نموذجية من أسبوع إلى أسبوعين.

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